Launching World Meat Free Week, by uniting a global community of micro-influencers
to pledge to go meat free and inspire their audiences to do the same.


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Greenpeace wanted to challenge social norms around eating meat and get people to take action on a personal level by pledging to join #WorldMeatFreeWeek

We needed to encourage people to join the movement and commit to consuming less meat and dairy for a healthier planet; taking steps towards reducing climate change, water pollution and carbon emissions.

Countries: Austria, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand


To achieve this, we created a global community of micro influencers who were primarily meat eaters to take the pledge themselves and then encourage their audiences to do the same.

In the build up to World Meat Free Week, all influencers featured in a teaser film, to kick off the global campaign, which served as a rallying cry across social, to get their audiences to pledge to make small, achievable adjustments to their eating behaviour during World Meat Free Week.

For World Meat Free week, all influencers began to seed out their own individual social content, showing exactly how they put their pledges into action, to show the audience just how achievable it was.


The global content delivered huge results and positive engagement in a short space of time – in year two of the campaign, 6m engagements in one week.

Collectively the micro influencer led content delivered an engagement rate of 3.34%. Over double the industry benchmark (1.55%), showing that it truly resonated with a new audience for Greenpeace.

All micro-influencers indicated that their audience were extremely receptive to World Meat Free Week and that the content had inspired some of their followers to rethink their meat consumption and actually look to make changes to their behaviour.

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