Day 1 at Ad Week Europe ft. Richard E Grant

Day 1 at Ad Week Europe ft. Richard E Grant

Of all the things you might expect to be called whilst attending ADWEEKEUROPE, “…A terrible C***’…” is not one of them. Not that I condone the use of the word out of context of this article, but, 6pm today was an extraordinary and unexpected moment for sure.

For a little context let me elaborate.

As Partnerships Manager here at Latimer it is my role to understand trends, brands, who and what is happening so that we can work with them to deliver content, insights and opportunities for our network (you) to join in. In the same way we have recently worked with Unilever, BBCThree and Viacom.

#ADWEEKEUROPE is the biggest event for advertising bringing together the likes of Ladbible, Google, Time Inc, Shutterstock, Diego and Youtube as they host talks and seminars exploring current trends. Latimer are here all week!

As someone who has trained as an actor, been on the dole, benefits, smoked and drank my way through an (mostly) unsuccessful acting career, the character Withnail from the cult classic ‘Withnail and I’ was someone I could always relate to.  If you have been through uni, you can most likely too! However – I haven’t covered myself in deep heat or drank lighter fluid.

How did this happen, well – Richard E Grant (Withnail) was speaking with Time Inc about his career and his fragrance line ‘JACK’. In a room predominantly filled with women and bursting with the charm and persona of a self proclaimed ‘perfumed ponce’ Richard E Grant described his Best Selling Perfume (Liberty, London) and why it includes the scent of marijuana.

It is a unisex fragrance and soon to be body wash. A bizarre fragrance to put out against 150,000 new perfumes each year – but it works. A poster boy for self promotion and how you can do anything with a positive attitude, a little black book of friends and passion.

As I left he personally handed me a sample of his fragrance. A blatant and obvious promotion to a room of people he had just told – advertising it in traditional ways hadn’t worked but using Twitter, Instagram he had been able to drive so much traffic to store, online that it was now a best seller.
On my way out I introduced myself and said that I was a big fan. He then said hello followed by, “Rich, you terrible c***”. And that, ladies and gentleman, was my first day at ADWEEKEUROPE.

With that I took myself to see All Saints (yes, All Saints) make a come back at the opening party at KOKO, presented by Lad Bible Group.

Written by Richard Staplehurst.

Photo credit: Ad Week Europe

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