A generation of women speak up

Last night, January 20, President Barack Obama presented the 93rd annual State of the Union address.

As we expand our work across the world, global issues catch our eye, especially when they’re universally relevant; debt, LGBT identity, racial and ethic diversity, health and employment. So when our friends at Refinery29 in New York shared this video with us, and we wanted you to see it too.

Beautifully shot, we love how these women speak with determination about how they’re going to change the world, but on their terms!

Latimer is known for co-creating content with YouTube talent, so we were thrilled to see The President taking to YouTube after his speech in an effort to reach his audience.

We’re concerned about voting apathy in young people and we strongly believe that creating strong content, like this short film, is a way to empower young people to be seen and listened to.

If this inspired you, get in touch to collaborate with us.

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