Latimer begins Casting for two new Documentaries

Latimer begins Casting for two new Documentaries

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The Latimer team are incredibly excited to be working on two new documentaries. We can’t say which one yet, but it’s for a major UK television channel, and chances are you’re a fan of theirs already. We casting our nets far and wide in search of some bright personalities for the documentaries, so if you’d like the chance to be on TV, have a look below at the type of people we’re looking for.

We’re after 15-17 year olds whose parents do absolutely everything for them, whether they want them to or not! We want the cotton wool kids who have their parents wrapped around their little fingers and know it. This documentary will focus on giving the teens independence and is perfect for those who’ve never had the chance, or never needed, to stand on their own two feet. Although we’re keeping the details a bit hush hush for now, for those involved we’re promising some seriously once in a lifetime experiences.

The second documentary is all about parents reconnecting with their kids over what it means to be at school now. Again we’re looking for 15-17 year olds and their parents, and we’re offering the parents a chance to relive their school days! Maybe they have some ghosts from their schooling past they want to confront, perhaps they didn’t finish school and what to see what they missed out on, or maybe they want to see if they still have what it takes. If you know someone who’s always going on about how school is easier now than in ‘their day’ then get them in touch, it’s their chance to prove it!

Casting is now open to submissions so if you’d like to be considered then drop us an email at or call us for a chat on 0208 617 8589 and ask for Suzy or Callum.

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