Making waves with Knucks

Making waves with Knucks

By October 27, 2016Youth Culture

Knucks is part of a new breed of artist making noise in the industry. Having been regularly featured on Radar Radio, SBTV, Nang and Climax Radio, his music can be described as fusion of old skool hip hop, bringing relaxed summer vibes to the ears of his listeners.

Following in the same vein as some of the biggest rappers, Kucks also produces his own music and writes poetry, and has been doing so since he was 12 years young. With Nas as one of his biggest influences, he named his first, critically acclaimed EP ‘Killmatic’ which has been building hype around Knucks since it’s release.

His recent track ‘21 Candles’ that debuted on SBTV was praised by critics and peers alike. As a fresh, exciting artist on the scene, #LatimerLive will be one of his earlier shows. Catch Knucks TONIGHT at Oval Space. Live performances will start from 7pm!

Check out his latest song ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ on SBTV.




No guestlist no entry. Guestlist closes at 4pm – RSVP here for your free ticket here.

Photo credit SHUFSOUNDS.

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