Meet Nicky slimting Walter!

Meet Nicky slimting Walter!

nicky slim

Team Latimer has grown massively over the last few months and we have another member of the team to introduce you to! Meet Nicky!

Hi Nicky Slim!


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you did before Latimer.

I come from a music & film background, so I’ve directed and produced a lot previously. My first feature film was It’s A Lot, last year with Femi Oyeniran which was released in cinemas nationwide. I was also an active Grime & Garage DJ & promoter and producer. I produced music for a lot artists and held events up down the UK.

You’ve been busy! What will you be getting up to at Latimer?

I’m developing Latimer’s MCN (multi channel network) and will be bringing on urban talent from the world of music, drama, and comedy. MCNs work with numerous YouTube channels to offer assistance in areas such as production, programming, digital rights management and much more. I’m also looking at developing feature films with Latimer in the future.

Very exciting stuff! Why do we need a MCN?

MCNs are a good way to for brands to be introduced to urban talent and an urban audience. Right now, a lot of people, brands, TV, film are struggling to connect with youth of today

Awesome. What are you most excited about?

Excited to get the MCN up and running! Also, I’m looking at some really good feature film scripts at the moment, so, excited for the potential there.

What do you think is missing in mainstream media?

There isn’t enough youth, urban content on TV or urban films released nationally. There are a lot of talented people doing cool things, that a lot of people never see.

That’s so true. Why do you think we don’t see these people?

The mainstream doesn’t know where to look for this type of talent and they don’t know how to produce good content for youth audiences. You need a producer who understand the young audience and can connect with them. Our MCN will be the bridge to the urban talent, popular with young people that brands and broadcast need to see.

Big things are happening, we’re happy to have you on board!

Interested in finding out more about Latimer’s multi channel network? Email!

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