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At Latimer, we put understanding audiences at the heart of our work, co-creating with them to generate insight, ideas and campaigns that genuinely resonate, driving impact.”

Thea Cole, CEO

Latimer Labs

Our immersive co-creation workshops works with your audience to garner insights and ideas that test hypotheses and inform your strategy.

Latimer Content

We create relevant and
engaging content, co-created with your audience, so we know they’ll love it!

Latimer Social

Our co-created campaigns
use your audience as nano-influencers, maximising
peer-to-peer advocacy and achieving authentic,
organic reach.


Want to understand your audience? Work with us to
create authentic engagement and positive change!

We wanted to co-create internationally and at scale, so we built an app!

Bulbshare allows you to gather your audience digitally and keep them ‘always-on’ with surveys and activities that gather opinion from London to New York, and beyond.

Combine them with our in person Labs and supercharge your audience understanding. Bulbshare is now a thriving digital community, headed up by our founder, Matt Hay.

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