Skaarhoj Rack Control Duo (Frame Sync Controller


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Rack Control Duo – Perfect for adjustments of multiple parameters Rack Control Duo has 30 awesome four-way buttons and 12 backlit encoders all with RGB coloring and crisp graphical OLED displays for function legends. Perfect for applications where there is a need to adjust multiple parameters quickly. Fits perfectly in your rack. Sits perfectly on your table! Features a world of options 30 Programmable four-way buttons 12 High-quality backlit encoders with crisp graphical OLED legends Compact form factor Rack unit or desktop console in one  Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af) UniSketch OS · Device Cores · Popular choices AJA Frame Sync · AJA Kumo · Atomos Shogun · BMD MultiView · BMD SmartScope · BMD VideoHub · Ensemble NXT450 Ensemble NXT950 · Epiphan Pearl


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