Skaarhoj Rack Fusion Live (with Hall Effect Joystick)


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SKU: SKJ-Rack-Fusion-Live-J-V1


Rack Fusion LiveHello Robot! Rack Fusion Live adds PTZ control to your live switching surface in a phenomenally compact controller perfect for your fly-away kit.Features a world of options· Four-way buttons with OLED legends · RGB multi-level metering LEDs· High-quality backlit encoders with wide OLED displays · 3-axis joystick· Custom molded 9-key bus row · Transition fader with RGB LED bar for transition position or VU metering · ME section with multi-level shift, and user keys · Multi-function keys for pre- sets and camera selection · Rack unit or desktop console in one · Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)· UniSketch OSDevice Cores Popular choicesBMD ATEMEpiphan PearlNewTek TricastervMixAIDA PTZ3 X20LLumens VCA50PNewTek NDIHX PTZ1Panasonic AW-HExPTZ OpticsPT20XSonyBRC-H900Sony BRC-X1000Sony SRG-300VISCA Generic


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